F1 Seasons1995Michael Schumacher's 2nd title (P2 Damon Hill, P3 David Coulthard)


  • The season was highlighted by the rivalry between Schumacher and Hill, with Schumacher winning 9 races and Hill winning 4 races. Benetton and Williams drivers dominated the field, victorious in all but one race, the Canadian GP won by Jean Alesi in a Ferrari;
  • Jean Alesi, Johnny Herbert (Benetton-Renault) and David Coulthard (Williams-Renault) all won their first races in F1;
  • 1995 saw the return of the Argentinian GP, as there were doubts over round 2 in Brazil, with the previous year’s death of Ayrton Senna hitting Brazilian motorsport very hard;
  • The 1995 F1 Season featured several dramatic incidents, including seven Grands Prix affected by rain and 4 Grands Prix were red-flagged on the first lap of the race;
  • The regulations changed prior to the 1995 season. The most significant change was the to the engine capacity. This was reduced from 3.5 Litres to 3.0 Litres, in order to reduce speeds. All of the cars were fitted with cockpit side protection, and the cockpit opening was made larger than the 1994 cars. The front and rear wings were modified to reducedownforce, thereby reducing cornering speeds. These changes were in reaction to the deaths of Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna, who both died of head and neck injuries. Some of the F1 circuits were changed, with larger run-off areas featuring at tracks such as Monza andImola;
  • Nigel Mansell made a brief return to F1 with McLaren. The McLaren-Mercedes cockpit was initially too small for Mansell, and he had to miss the first two races whilst McLaren redesigned the monocoque. His eventual return for the 1995 San Marino GP was disappointing. After another disappointing race at the Spanish GP, Mansell and McLaren parted ways, and Mark Blundell drove the second McLaren for the remainder of 1995;
  • Jan Magnussen filled in for Mika Häkkinen during the Pacific GP, due to Häkkinen suffering from appendicitis.
  • Mika Häkkinen was seriously injured in a crash during practice for the 1995 Australian GP. The fast actions of the medical crew, including performing an emergency tracheotomy, saved his life, and he later returned to the track in 1996;
  • One of the rookies for 1995 was Taki Inoue who drove for Footwork Arrows.
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  • 01 May 2014
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