Death By Chocolate- Sia

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1. Name: Bruna
2. Birthday: 5 October
3. Favourite number(s): 5
4. Height: 1.72m
5. Talents: Killing mosquitoes with an electric racket
6. Can you juggle? No 
7. Art/Sports/Both: Both. I’m terrible at both. But I give art more respect and importance.
8. Do you like writing? I used to like it. But now reading and writing aren’t that easy anymore 
9. Do you like dancing? Yes, when I’m alone or drunk
10. Do you like singing? I’m a terrible singer but that doesn’t stop me from singing all the time

1. Dream vacation: A not-so-cold city, with lots of things to see, interesting architecture and lots of history
2. Dream guy/gal: Funny, fair, sensitive, understanding, care-free (I do all the worrying), with nice hair and nice nose (I have a thing for noses), who likes Corinthians (this is very important), tall (I hate feeling tall, I don’t know why), with good manners

3. Dream wedding: I hate weddings, so, if I got married, there wouldn’t be a ceremony

4. Dream pet: a fluffy, crazy and lazy Bichon Frisé. But as I could never have another Bichon Frisé, I’d choose a Samoyed (this must be such a shock for people who follow this blog or my Twitter)
5. Dream job: let’s go with the 14 year old me and say President =]

1. Favourite song: There are so many songs I love with all my heart, but the last song I added to my ever growing list is Dressed In Black by Sia.

2. Favourite album: Again, there are so many. Including Sam Sparro’s debut album, Stripped by Christina Aguilera, Kopfschuss and Herzwerk II by Megaherz, Namenlos by L’Âme Immortelle, Lungs and Ceremonials by Florence + The Machine…and many more.

3. Last song you’ve heard on the radio: I don’t remember. But if Spotify counts as radio: L’Âme Immortelle - 1000 Voices
4. Least favourite song: SO MANY. But there few songs I hate as much as Big Girls Don’t Cry
5. Least favourite album: I don’t think I’d listen to any album that I was sure I wouldn’t like at least a little
6. Least favourite artist: Too many to list.


1. Guys/Girls/Both: Guys

2. Hair colour: Doesn’t matter
3. Eye colour: Doesn’t matter 
4. Humorous/serious?: Humorous but serious when the occasion demands
5. Taller/Shorter: Taller. As I already said, I don’t like feeling tall

6. Biggest turn off: Shallowness, disrespect, smoking, intolerance, lack of culture, bad manners, aggressivity
7. Biggest turn on: Passion, loyalty, and the opposite of the last item

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